Half-finished Kitchen: Pinterest Challenge

I live in a world of half-finished projects. Boyfriend and I are idea people. Big ideas. We are constantly dreaming up new and exciting projects to do around the house. Our problem is follow through. You see, we like to dream more than we like to do. Most nights we don’t even finish washing the dishes. It’s a little sad..and a lot smelly. So all these dreams get talked about, and so very few get completed.

For example, earlier this month, we decided to take down the little slab of granite that makes up our backsplash, and replace it with tile. We got the backsplash off. We ran into some complication, and boyfriend’s Papa had to come and help us. It involved the over the stove vent/microwave..and a very stuck piece of granite. (Microwave has been killed retired moved to a new location) This complication, coupled with the unexpectedly overwhelming cost of glass tile really took the steam out of our project. So the kitchen looks a little like this, three weeks later:

Okay, not exactly like that. I actually patched up the walls and painted them. But I don’t have a picture of that. We also have tile samples taped to the wall. We are fancy like that.

Anyhow, the point of this post is that I want to follow through with more projects. It took me 6 months to finish installing the bookcases for our “built in library”. I know houses are always a work in progress, but that’s a little intense. So, when one of my favorite home/diy blogs Younghouselove posted a new Pinterest challenge, I decided this was my chance to jump on board and get stuff done.  The goal is to have one pinned project done by Tuesday. I recently pinned a lovely kitchen with a chalkboard painted refridgerator. I happen to have a very ugly hand-me-down fridge (thanks mom! Free stuff is awesome when you just bought a house!) that could use a facelift. (that is an understatement)

Isn’t it adorable? sigh.

So wish me luck as I work this weekend to turn my old fridge into something delightful. Check back on Tuesday to see if I finished it on time or not!




Hi. I am WordyGirl. My favorite word is Pleonasm, and my second favorite word is Verbosity. They sound awesome  in your mouth. Try them out. Awesome right? Just me then? Moving on.

Whenever I am about to tell a story, and boyfriend is in the area, he warns people: “Whatever she tells you, go ahead and divide by seven, she loves to exaggerate.” And I always respond, “I am not exaggerating, I’m coloring in the grey areas.” Both of those statements contain sound advice and truths. I’ll never lie to you, but I may make my stories a bit more colorful.

I do not know what this blog will be about. I try not to define myself. Well besides calling myself wordy. That’s just being honest. I know that blogs are usually about something specific. Craft blogs, design blogs, cooking blogs. This is just my chronicles. It will have all of that. It will maybe have short stories and poems too. Maybe jokes. Maybe pictures. Or maybe not.  I hope something here can reach and inspire someone that needs it. I study English Literature, but my grammer does not reflect that fact. Sorry. Actually, I’m not sorry. I am not a fan of self-editing.  

One of my favorite authors is John Steinbeck.  Have you read East of Eden? You  should. It may change your life. It changed mine. But that is because everything you read becomes a part of your identity.

The article on mold I read last night is part of my identity.

This blog may change your life. But don’t take that too seriously. You are probably not going to sell all your worldly possessions and join a cult after reading this blog. It’s not that kind of change. Maybe it’ll just make you laugh or think for a second. My goal is to at the very least keep you occupied for a few minutes. So welcome to my world.